There are interior 5 doors like this with handles and locks. The bracing on the back still shows screws which will be hidden by wooden pegs. Greg, the master chippy, has done a spectacular and complete job on the staircase and the doors.


Linen press

The lower cupboard I made from recycled pine 5-6 years ago–I then added the upper part and connected it by cutting up an old mahogany plank which I ‘carved’ with a grinder, drill, rasp, chisel, and sander to make it look ornately organic. The wooden pot came from a local craft market–it was turned out of a South Australian mallee root (as kids we always had a pile of mallee roots in the back yard–my brothers and I took turns to chop a barrow load a day for the kitchen stove). I stained and polished it to match the mahogany and made a lid to avoid the look of an empty vase. The round plaque at the top suggests an OM sign as if it is made by wood worms. The overall design is fit for purpose and the narrow space available.


Breakfast bar



Now the kitchen bench is complete with breakfast bar (2.8m long) and brass/copper canisters to match the sink.

It is still in 4 pieces and will be screwed together once in the new place..