This cushion was re-covered with some calico painted with acrylic with tassel trims.



I could not resist making these..

The arrow heads are carved from hardwood and burnished with a used-up (smooth) sanding disk and touched up with paint to make them look like chipped flint-stone and roughly wrought metal–the feathers are from magpie, turkey, and fowl

Art Weekly–Backrest

This meditation seat is built for comfort–unlike the actual seat of nails I saw once in a sadhu’s cave in Rishikesh–many local yogis learnt to meditate in the sixties and seventies when Maharishi had his ashram–Maharishi Nagar–operating there on the banks of the Ganges (as a result, many of their hard austerities were dropped in favour of the ease and effectiveness of TM)

Lamp-shade 2



Wrinkled tissue paper pressed and glued to parchment and stretched over a bamboo frame, with velvet trim. This was a good project if you like tying things together. It is about 50 cms across. The second shot shows light inside.

Building update

The windows and front doors have just been installed–there will be 100mm architraves around the windows inside and out to add the finishing touch.


The paths and flagstones are almost done and the short stone wall on the basement will be finished with matching stone pillars (450 x 450mm) around the skinny black galvanised steel veranda posts (termites are considered at every stage of the build). The basement veranda will be left open to show off the thick wall and we will render the blockwork inner wall with a crusty ‘knock-down’ stucco.


The framework for the upper floor will soon be clad in red cedar shingles and then the big beams, rafters, and collar ties built to hold the terracotta shingles on the roof.



This lampshade will hang low over the eight-ball table (not over the bathtub)


The second picture shows the light coming through the semi-transparent parchment and silhouetting the ragged trim to dramatic effect. It has a thin bamboo frame.


Art Weekly–Dart board


The frame of the dart board is made from offcuts from the Lucas mill where the staircase is being made–slices of a burl, with the bottom piece very conveniently making a platform to put the idle darts in. The backing is soft to receive stray darts. I added some colour to the black and white board so it all tones in.

This is to exercise and test out one’s mind-body coordination. I also have some indoor bowls (mini lawn bowls which we enjoyed as kids), a little putting green, and an eight ball table on the way. The sports area will be up in the loft of the log home.

Photographed on the floor


The sanskrit says ‘Dhanurveda’, the science of archery–quelling our demons with arrows of bliss, shooting darts of coherence into the disorder. This is the higher knowledge of Dhanurveda.