Art Weekly–The Chief’s chair

I cant seem to stop making chairs. I must have been chairless in a previous life!

This is the Easy Rider of chairs (big handle bars, low reclined seat, and really heavy)–it is cantilevered to give it that floating feeling. And the dovetail joints have evolved into the wood inlay decoration on the backrest. The centre piece is cypress pine surround by mahogany and then the yellow box local hardwood half-round slab which forms the backbone of the chair.

The angle of the backrest makes it quite comfortable–it is such that it bears about half of the body-weight–not all of your weight is on your bottom.


Shoe rack

This will go by the front door on the veranda. It is about 1300mm long and 750mm high–the square hole in the top fits around some protruding logs. As you can see, the dove-tail joints are getting more ambitious.

I will paint it with a satin, weather-proof varnish they use on yachts and this should preserve the colour and lustre.