I live on the east coast of Australia and, after training to be an art teacher 45 years ago, used art skills occasionally for fun or to make some money. But I never practiced seriously until recently. It is fulfilling to see the work refine and improve, and to find a style (when you can’t do anything other, that is your style).

I like to paint pictures that ordinary people can appreciate and understand–simple natural subjects with no political message or social comment. No opinions. There is no shock or offence. I can only paint that which is inside, something warm and comfortable. I prefer art that uplifts and inspires and, hopefully, these pictures convey a little of the divinity which surrounds us. As such art should glorify the mundane world which we sometimes take for granted. We are reminded of the beauty of ordinary things.

The practice continues…

Richard Barnes
rsbarnes55 at hotmail.com

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