Art Weekly–Tripod stool

The three legged stool has the advantage over the four legs because it is stable even on an uneven surface–it was traditionally an ideal milking stool also because the milker could lean forward into the cow without losing balance. The tripod structure is so simple and, once the three legs are pinned to the seat and at the cross, there is no further need for engineering–no other struts or bracing. It cannot move. For this reason the Indian Tepee is considered to be the perfect tent structure and most suitable for nomadic life.

The legs are stringy bark and the seat and back yellow box. I made a paste of sawdust, PVA, colour, and turquoise chips to fill the cracks–once it is dry you run over it with the sander and it looks like real inlay.

The seat is like a bicycle saddle with ‘stirrups’ below.


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